Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There are so many people in the world who would like to convert their backyard into a beautiful well maintained garden. A well maintained backyard garden will add a lot of show value to your house and also make you content and happy when you look towards it from your window sill. Converting your useless backyard in a beautiful garden is not a very difficult job to do.

In case you are new to gardening in your backyard then you should consider hiring a professional gardener or a gardening architect. You can interview a number of designers and ask them what designs they can provide for your backyard garden. After evaluating the various designs you can hire the services of a particular garden professional.

You can also design a beautiful garden in the backyard yourself. This will require more efforts on your part. You can refer to many garden books, garden catalogues or gardening websites for backyard garden ideas. These catalogues and books will suggest a lot of simple yet elegant garden designs for your backyard gardening. You can buy a basic garden toolkit and start tight away.

You must first plan what type of plants you want in your backyard garden. You can either grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and other types of plants in your backyard. Vegetable ands fruit gardens are good if you are able to use the vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. You can even use herbs for their medicinal properties and a herb garden will be appropriate in that case.

Next you should know how to dig the soil for sowing the seeds and planting the shrubs. You should also ensure that your backyard garden gets 6 hours of sunlight daily. Soil, sunlight and water are the three most important constituents for the healthy growth of the garden. Fertilizers and other nutrients like calcium and nitrogen are also necessary for the normal growth of plants. Before starting anything plan out the layout of the garden like whether you will be planting in rows or you will use raised beds. Raised beds are preferable for old and handicapped people as they can't bend easily to tend the plants. Backyard gardening has almost become a hobby now as more people are understanding its importance. So go on, don't let your backyard be just an empty space to stock your old goods. Make it into a beautiful garden and let your neighbors envy it. Who knows, your neighbors may come right up to you to get some nice tips for converting their own backyards in a heavenly garden.

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